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What exact car is this? Extra points if you can prove it!

Looks like one of those customized Caddys you see in Chicago.

Stutz Blackhawk.

It’s a completely ruined Austin Healey 3000 (from around -60 would be my guess)
What a shame.

Prove it?
How would I be able to prove my theory that this is a Corvette that somebody bastardized?



Well, I’m not going to go through a lot of hassle to prove it, but take a look at the side profile of the car.
Besides, I think it’s too narrow to be a Corvette.


Before I name the donor car and prove it I want to know what the extra points will get me.

Probably 4 gallons of air glider fuel :sunglasses:


Got it , an abomination! Proof, just look at it! :grin:


If this is a custom made from another vehicle, then the door handle says Corvette.

Doors and glass are a Corvette. Front dimensions and rear quarter lines also are Corvette.


That is a Caballista Corvette.


Good call, looks like the rear is as ? as the front!

@Nevada_545 looks like the winner.

This is a 1979 Caballista Corvette with the same headlights;


Well, I stated that it is a bastardized Corvette, so I don’t think that I was wrong–as evidenced by the additional photos. Talk about poor taste!

On the other hand, that late '40s Caddy in the background is REALLY nice.
I’m guessing that the gleaming Caddy is a '46 or '47 model.

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Well then I should claim partial credit because one of the google hits said it was inspired by the Stutz Blackhawk, but I’m not going to.

I hereby acting in my non-official duty grant you 100 points! :rofl:

When were these Corvettes “modified” . . . early to mid 1980s, presumably?

Supposedly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder . . . I prefer the style of the stock Corvette

For me, the ugliest part of that Caballista Corvette is the bumpers

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Thanks everyone for replying! It’s definitely a vette of sorts, but no idea what was done to it. They think they have some rare type rolls Royce crap here. I’ll find out their asking price so we can all have a good laugh!!! …and extra points for everyone! You can trade them in for canooter valves, muffler bearings, or those signs that tell deer where to cross the road