76 Corvettte parked for 8 years

My brother has a Corvette parked in the garage for about 8 years now. He says '76 was not a top Corvette year and it’s not worth fixing even to sell. I reckon he means to have it towed to sell as is ( # passive!) I’m thinking when the house finally sells the car will have to go.

Any experience with Corvettes, especially '76?



had a couple of vettes, 68 and 78. brother is right about 70-77 but most any vette is worth something to someone if its in fair shape.

The car might not be the one of the Corvettes best years, but it is still a Vett. It must be worth something to someone. If it is a convertible with a stick, even better. Find a local Corvette owners club and get someone to look over the car and go from there.

It was not just Vetts that were bad during that time. That time period was the low point in automotive technology.

That said, I would have to guess it has collector value and may be worth a lot more than you think, even if it is just for parts.

If it was running, it’s be worth something. As is, it’s a parts car, maybe a couple of thousand.

Tow it to a mechanic and see if you can get it running with little cost.

If not sell it for parts. Running and moving someone’s dreams seem closer to reality and pricetag is far more than a project sitting there.

Otherwise its a parts car.

Brother is correct. I do not intend to sound crass or mean but some sucker will pay big bucks for it. Others who know Vettes and/or those who have done some homework will either stay away or obtain for a fair price.

I would suggest that you should have it thoroughly gone bumper to bumper at a shop to find out what kind of mechanical condition it is in first before you decide what to do with it.

This model Corvette has the nice body lines so it’s somewhat desireable anyway, even if underpowered a bit. The power thing is easily fixed. :wink:

It will take some work on the fuel system, battery, and tires but all in all these cars are easy to service and fairly inexpensive to fix as to the mechanicals.
For the right price I’d go for it.

That year makes a good hot rod.

Make me an offer I can’t refuse to come pick it up!