I love Corvettes, but this is absurd

Some dealers are asking $100,000 OVER MSRP for a Z06 Vette. Because they can. I’ve never paid MSRP for any vehicle I’ve bought in the past 50 years.

Another Chevrolet Dealer Exposed for Charging $90,000 Over MRSP for 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 - autoevolution

In the article:
There’s a shortage of cars being produced”

That says it all. Consumer choice, buy it or don’t. It is a want,
not a need.

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There is a list made on the corvette forum that showed every dealer in each state in 2020 that was selling at MSRP. when I was looking for a 2022 C8 vette it was a year wait after ordering it.

Where to Buy the 2020 Corvette at MSRP - CorvetteForum

Things are crazy out there. I posted another thread a few weeks ago about a Ford dealer asking an extra $25K for a GT500.

Asking price is a 1st amendment right. Paying it is an IQ test…


What’s with all the dealer bashing about high-priced Corvettes and GTs? Are you telling me a restaurant shouldn’t get as much as they can for a prime rib lobster dinner?

What’s more absurd? A dealer charging that much for a Corvette, or someone paying that much for one?


My next door neighbor waited close to one year before he received his 2022 Vette in… I think… June. I don’t know whether he paid more than the MSRP.

And that’s the problem, the dealer knows someone wants one bad enough they will pay it.

Yes, but the problem includes customers who don’t bother to do sufficient research/legwork/driving in order to avoid paying over MSRP.

If I had been naive enough to buy my new NX from the first dealer that I visited, I would have had to pay $15k over the MSRP. The second dealer wanted $5k over MSRP. The third one didn’t charge more than MSRP, but he offered me $6,500 less for my trade-in than I got from the 4th dealership–which didn’t charge any “market adjustment” and that gave me a fair value for my trade-in.

So… shame on the dealers who are jacking up their prices, but the shame would also be on me if I fell for that type of really bad deal.


unfortunately, I could not wait a year for a new vehicle. they told me 2-21/2 months for the challenger I ordered.im still waiting. the waiting is the worst part. I guess I should of just went with the vet at this point

  1. Order ConfirmedJul-13-2022
  2. ScheduledJul-21-2022
  3. In ProductionOct-19-2022
  4. Vehicle BuiltOct-27-2022
  5. ShippedDec-12-2022

It is a shame that you order a vehicle in one year and it does not come to the following year. Times have changed. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

I was fortunate in that the dealership got an unexpected end-of-the-model year allotment of three of the NX 450h+, and one of the them was in the color that I wanted. From the time of my first exploratory visit to that dealership to when I received my vehicle, it was only 5 weeks. Meanwhile, people who ordered that model 6-8 months ago are still waiting, so I really lucked-out.


There are high volume dealers that are selling the Z06 at MSRP but they’re also working through a long waiting list.

While this generation Corvette is nice, I would rather have a 58-60 Corvette! Red or blue with silver coves.

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I can believe an impatient buyer might pay a premium for a Z06 on the lot for immediate delivery. Some rare early release cars are offered at big auctions like Barrett-Jackson or Mecum for a premium over MSRP. Paying any ADP for a car that will be delivered eventually is crazy.

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Chevy dealer in Nashua NH is the second largest Corvette dealer in the world (I was surprised). They sell at MSRP. They are telling everyone that 2023 vettes are already spoken for. They can be put on a list for 2024.

So would I. A fully restored (correctly) is about the same price. I personally would never own a c8 Vette. I’d want a manual tranny. As of right now they are only automatics.

And, for the 2025 model year, an all-electric Corvette will be added to the offerings.

Yea I saw that. Again…nope. For a car like this, I’d want a manual. In about 6 months I’m finishing up a big project and then I’ll retire. Then I may buy a low mileage C7 vette. Hopefully the prices will have come back down to earth.

And a 58-60 Corvette is more likely to appreciate in value than a C8! Especially if you pad $90K more than list.

Yup. They’ve already appreciated 20 times the original price (minus restoration cost). They style of the C1 vette is the best. But I’d also want a retro-mod. Better handling and better performance than the original. And may add AC and a nice audio.

They are not managing their price matrix and inventory properly. They should raise the prices to reduce the waiting time. Everyone wins that way.