Should Mavis have replaced my tyre for free?

also, in NY they will only pay for pothole damage during certain months.

In Michigan the pothole must meet certain criteria. Had to be there a minimum of two weeks or more or something like that. A lot of criteria anyways. And even if you met all of it, it takes weeks or months to process and they usually deny it anyways.

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Most tire dealers off roadhazard protection . The question becomes did you buy it . If not then it is all on you and none on Mavis .

Just want to add this, IF your tire had not been fully inflated, you probably would have cracked the wheel too. That would really cost you.

BTW, it wouldn’t hurt to call Mavis corporate. All they can do is say no, but you won’t know unless you call.

Edit: just noticed I’m about 10 months late.