Should Mavis have replaced my tyre for free?

Hello everyone!

I’m seeking your opinion on a matter.

So I bought 4 brand new continental tyres from mavis for my Lexus IS FSPORT on Monday. Then on Friday, I drove the car for the first time since the tyres were installed and hit a nasty pothole on the highway in the night and ruined the front tyre.

I brought the car back to mavis and they told me the tyre was not repairable, so I was charged once again.

I don’t mind being charged again. I feel this is my responsibility. But my friends as well as family members are saying I had just bought the tyres and mavis should offer some protection.

What do you think ?

If you did not purchase the road hazard policy then they do not have to replace your tire . Why did you not politely ask the dealer if there was any coverage for tire replacement.
You really need to start asking questions of the places you deal with instead of your family .


Like @VOLVO-V70 said, only if you purchased a road hazard policy/warranty.


I expect the tire dealer is probably correct, tires are not replaced under the new tire warranty for road damage like hitting a pothole. Tires aren’t indestructible; every tire will fail even when new if the road damage is severe enough. It may be possible to get that sort of coverage for an extra fee though, at purchase time.

There’s a couple things you still might try, never hurts to ask:

  • Ask the tire shop if they’ll give you a discount on your next set of tires, as a goodwill measure for a continuing customer.

  • Write a short, polite letter to the owner of the road (presumably the state or county), provide a photo of the pothole, explain what happened, and ask them for reimbursement. Signed snail mail, not email.

  • Some brands/types are tougher than others. Ask about that when purchasing tires next time. A different tire might have survived.

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I did a quick check and Continental tires come with a 12 month Road Hazard Warranty! So the OP’s family was correct, but for the wrong reason.

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And how much you wanna bet that store filed the warranty claim and double-dipped?

I looked at the Continental tire site and could not tell if pothole damage was covered . Clueless should have gotten some paper work with the tires . She should read it and if it does then return to the Mavis shop . No satisfaction there then contact Continental.

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I bet the 12 month warranty is for manufacture defects. But, if warranty wording says road hazard, then it’s covered.

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Like VOLVO-V70 pointed out, if you did not buy the road hazard insurance, then it’s all on you. To make the point a bit finer, when you hit the pothole and in addition to the tire damage, you also sustained suspension damage, would you go back to the Lexus Dealership and ask them to repair it for free?

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They come with a year of road hazard. Here’s a screenshot from their website:

However, you have to pre-register, and since hardly anyone ever does…


A price comparison of tire prices in the Boston area; a set of tires from a Lexus dealer cost $15 more than at Mavis tire and include complementary 24-month road hazard coverage. Luxury loan vehicles available.

With 35 and 40 series tires, road hazard coverage is a good feature.


I wouldn’t know about the hazard policy. I simply went to mavis and have them checked the tires. They replaced all 4 and didn’t mention anything else to me. When the accident happened, the manager told me the tire was not repairable and that I needed to buy another.

As you can see, I did as instructed. I think they did me wrong for not mentioning road hazard incident.

Lexus was charging me $1400 for the tires and installation. Mavis charged $1000.

Did you place your invoice on the counter showing you paid for the tires and road hazard coverage?

Bridgestone and Dunlop are $1400, you chose a less expensive tire.

Yes. The manager was also the one who assisted me on Monday. And then again on Friday. He knows I purchased the tires from him.

However, he told me that should I run into another issue, he will replace the tire for free.

But I am not liking this after reading the responses on here. It seems like he could have replaced the tire for free.

If you had registered your tires with Continental or purchased the road hazard coverage.

I don’t know if I purchased the road hazard coverage. The invoice doesn’t say. I had no idea this was an option. The manager told me nothing about it.

If Road Hazard Insurance wasn’t mentioned, then that guy isn’t a very good salesman–from the company’s perspective. Sales people are always expected to push “up-sells”, whether it is Road Hazard coverage on tires, or extended warranties on appliances and cars.

For future reference, Road Hazard Insurance is included in the price of tires that are sold by and installed by Costco. They will perform tire repairs–gratis–and will replace tires that are not repairable. They also perform tire rotations at no extra cost on tires that they sold and installed. And, their prices almost always beat the competition–even before factoring-in the Road Hazard coverage.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll consider it when buying tires in the future.

I regret not coming here first before buying tires.

If you paid with a credit card, perhaps they can help. My credit card doubles the manufacturer’s warranty and I’ve used it over the years… Even if there is no warranty, they might offer to intervene on your behalf…

Again, it appears the tire came from the factory with a Road Hazard warranty. You didn’t need to purchase one. Mavis COULD have handled this, but chose not to. Maybe they double dipped, maybe they forgot or didn’t know it had a warranty - we don’t know.

My suggestion is to call Mavis corporate.

At any rate, I would make a note not to do business with Mavis in the future.