New tires look damaged or defective. Thoughts?

I just bought a new tire, and while still at the tire shop, mentioned to the installer that the tire looked to have some irregularities, almost like excess rubber drips, or something. It didn’t look new, per se, but it was dated 3321 (33rd week of year 2021) and still had the color lines on the tread. He said the tire was totally fine, but I wanted another opinion. I’m attaching some pictures I took at the tire shop before even getting in my car after installation.

(Only 1 picture was allowed. I’ll try to add another soon.)

By the pictures it looks fine . But if you did not like the looks of it why did you not just say you did not want it ?


Thank you for your opinion. Anyone else have an opinion on this? I’d like to get a consensus.

Agree with VOLVO-V70.

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it should be fine. if you look at the video it shows where someone trims up (cleans excess rubber) the tire. they could have been rushing

Looks like they were cast in a dirty mold, this won’t affect the performance of the tire. Are these cheap tires?

I mean, yes. They’re cheap tires. They are:

225 /45 R17 94W XL BSW

Here’s the stock image from the website, for comparison.

That’s cosmetic and there is no damage or defect. Drool shaming on tires is OK but it should roll onward.

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Agree with above, just dirty

FYI… Barum and General Tires are a couple of the “lower priced” trade names of Continental Tires which I’ve found to be a quality manufacturer but I’d imagine if you spent the additional for the Continental name on the tire it’d be “prettier”,

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That tire is totally fine

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Those tires look fine and will operate safely. For what it’s worth I have found Barum tires to have an exceptionally short lifespan, corresponding to their price.

He could have said that all he wanted but there’s nothing wrong with the tire so he has no recourse.

The UTQG rating for this tire is 500, vs 540 for the Michelin Pilot Sport tire. Shorter for sure, but not extremely short.

Yes, the treadwear rating is there, but nonetheless I routinely see Barum tires gone by 25,000 miles. They’re at the bottom of the price range, I doubt people shopping for cheap tires pay much attention to the 500/A/B ratings.

I’m struggling to see ANYTHING of note. Perhaps a bit of molding flash, but even that is more than acceptable. Perhaps a bit dirty? Still, more than acceptable.