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I bought 4 new Michelin Premier tires 3 years ago. They were really hyped when I read up on them. Bought the best, I thought. My Toyota Corolla had 32,000 miles at the time. I was recently told that I need new tires. My current mileage is only 55,000. This is not the warranty of 80,000 miles, as I have driven only 23,000 miles with the tires. My dealer said that this tire is no longer made, something about a problem with customer misunderstanding that this tire has a different way of measuring the tread wear, so Michelin took it off the market. Boy, am I confused. Anybody know about this brand/model problem? I have no idea how to get Michelin to give me my money back, if that is even possible. Thinking I should just get a new (NOT Michelin) tire and move forward and forget this bad experience. Your thoughts?

Why not begin a discussion with the Michelin folks at the corporate level, rather than taking the dealer’s word for things?

That being said, I also have Michelin Premier tires on my vehicle, and I am very pleased with them in every way.
In 3 1/2 years, I have driven ~30k miles on them, and they have 6/32" tread remaining. I doubt very much that I will be able to get 80k miles from the tires, but because they will be ready for replacement on the basis of age in ~4 years anyway, I’m not very worried about that treadwear warranty.

If you go to Michelin’s US website, you should be able to locate a toll-free customer service number, and then you can discuss this issue with their staff, rather than with the tire dealer.


Agreed on contacting Michelin directly on the warranty question.

I’d also ask why/how someone has determined you need new tires? I’d check the tread depth with a depth gauge myself.

It just seems a little unusual to need to replace tires at 23,000 miles. Basically I’m suggesting you get a second opinion.


have you been rotating the tires? check the alignment?


Thanks for feedback. Contacted Michelin via website support. Have case number. Seeing one of their local tire centers today and they will send report to Michelin. I have with me the purchase invoice and the recent report on tread recommending replacement.


Did you tell them the reason your car needs new tires?

Worn to 2/32"?
Weather cracks?


END OF STORY. The tire store manager had a worker check the tires, they say I should get another year at least based on my driving and tire condition. We’ll re-check at my summer check-up. If a report is needed, they would write and submit that to Michelin. They did get the business from me to have the state annual car inspection - due this month and today is last day of month. They can fit me in tomorrow.


What is the basis for that?

I kinda doubt that. Tire depth is pretty much a uniform measurement across the board. Also Michelin Premier tires are still in production right now. They are not off the market.

I’ve had nothing but good luck with Michelin tires. The last 4 of the last 5 sets of tires I have bought have been Michelins. I’m particularly fond of their Pilot Sport A/S 3+ model. Great combination of grip, wear, and all-season usability.

You won’t get your money back. What would likely happen is that you’ll be offered a pro-rated rate on a set of replacement tires. For example, if the tires were warrantied for 80k miles and you get 40k miles out of them, you’ll get 50% off a replacement set of tires. This is assuming you’ve kept up your end of things by making sure your wheels are in alignment, rotating the tires regularly, and maintaining the correct air pressure.

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Personally with winter coming, I would like to know “exactly” how much tread I had left on my tires and how that compares to new. If it is at 3or 4/32 or less, I’d put new ones on. I don’t think I’ve gotten more than 40,000 on standard equipment Michelins though, for whatever reason.

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For you next tire purchase, if Michelin still offers their “Defender” line in a size that fits your Corolla, folks here (including myself) say they’ve had pretty good luck. That tire has been top-rated by Consumer Reports as well.

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Consumer Reports has their status as “This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution.”

Prorated settlement makes sense.

Thanks for tip.

I appreciate your tip.

Internet says " Michelin will give you a credit for the premature wear. Just go to a tire dealer and buy new Michelins."

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Sounds like a good deal for everyone … !

Tire Rack, Costco, and Discount Tire have them for sale currently.


i saw that also, but have to go with the statement the tires are not still sold. I had a sidewall puncture in a Michelin defender, bought a new defender as only 8k miles on the tire, as the model of dfender I had was no longer being sold maybe a year later.

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Several years ago I put a set of Michelin Defenders on my 93 Toyota pickup.They didn’t last 40,000 miles and I had several flats. I’d always had good luck with Michelin tires but that set was junk. This spring my Versa needed the OE Continental tires replaced at 31,000 miles so I bought Defenders again. The new Defender tires seem heavier and are from a different mold. I believe Michelin sold some inferior tires a few years ago but fixed the issues on the new ones.

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I did not know any manufacturer still offered tread wear warranties. Might be handy if I ever go back to racing, an 80,000 tread wear tire probably would only be good for a “drift” car.

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Treadwear warranties are still offered on pretty much ALL tires. The exceptions are OE tires (the ones that come on new cars from the assembly plant) and certain extreme high performance (racing) tires.

I am struggling to imagine how this comment is even remotely tied to reality.