Q about Road Hazard Warranty at Tire Discounters

Today I patronized this place and got 4 nice Michelin Defenders installed on my Accord at $150 a pop. When given the sales pitch on their Road Hazard Warranty for an extra $15 per wheel, I declined just like I do everything else that places try to upsell you on (those extra warranties are pure profit and usually unnecessary are they not?) But then I started to second guess myself and think, “after spending $600+, what’s another $60?” which I’m sure is the exact psychology that they count on to sell this stuff. Regardless, I have a 30 day grace period to add this type of coverage on to my tires if I change my mind.

Any thoughts on this? Part of me is considering it, and another part of me says just put the $60 in the bank and if something happens to my tire, cross that bridge when I need do.


It’s a gamble and odds are in the tire store’s favor or they wouldn’t offer a tire protection plan.
It’s a choice about peace of mind and whether or not that is worth 60 dollars to you.

The garbage roads along with the random farm equipment debris on the road makes it a more favorable proposition around here but offhand, I might say go for it.

My daughter ran over something with her Mustang a while back and slashed a 6 month old tire so the road hazard paid for itself and then some pretty quickly.
Even worse, I ran over a hunk of metal one night in a Lincoln i owned (no road hazard) and not only cut the tire and blew it out but the hunk of metal was thrown upwards and it cut the airbag open on the front suspension, although air suspension is not an issue with your Accord.

That led to my being on the side of a deserted road in the dark with a blown tire, collapsed suspension, and no way to get a jack under it…

Just think about when the last time was that you wrecked a tire on the road. I think for me it was about 1980 when I ran over something. Now I wrecked one running into the concrete step in the garage last year but don’t think they would have covered it.

Wall mart offers lifetime rotation and balancing plus hazard for about $10 a tire. Depends on the tire id guess as to price. Seems like a good deal.

I never insure stuff I can afford to replace. Like tires.

I never pay extra when buying tires. I had a road hazard problem once and the very first thing they did was discount for the age (6 months) and mileage (6K) on the vehicle. I’ve said no thank you ever since. @texases makes a great point.

Many places give you free lifetime rotation in exchange for the road hazard warranty. Well worth it if the shop is conveniently located. Sam’s Club gives you lifetime rotation and balancing.

“I had a road hazard problem once and the very first thing they did was discount for the age (6 months) and mileage (6K) on the vehicle”

Then you clearly didn’t buy your tires at Costco, missileman.
While Costco used to include a lifetime road hazard warranty on their tires, that warranty now has a time limit of–I think–five years. However, during the period of their road hazard warranty, they will repair their tires w/o charge, and–if it cannot be repaired–will replace it w/o charge. (i.e.–no pro-rating)

I just bought a set of Michelin Defenders from Costco, and the total cost–including taxes, mounting, balancing, tire disposal, lifetime rotation & balancing, and road hazard warranty was about $90 less than Tire Rack’s drop shipment price.

IMHO, you just can’t beat Costco’s prices for high-quality tires.

My wife ran over a “road hazard” and damaged a relatively new tire; I paid $25 to have the tire plugged, so unless you hit at least two road hazards they will make money at $60 per set. I’d decline, though its up to you.

One nail in a sidewall (not rare around here anyway) could pay for that warranty as sidewall repairs are not recommended or against the law.

Twenty five bucks for a plug? Ouch and wow. One of the few remaining full service gas stations around here just priced themselves clean out of business by bumping their rates up a couple of years ago and they were charging 10 dollars for a plug.

I think I paid $20 for a boot at a Walmart on the road in southern Illinois. I was happy to find them open yet and would have paid twice that to get it done right away.

Live life free of any contract if you can. $60 and you’re stuck with the same dealer for life or you will feel as if you are. Still, road hazard insurance is not the worst of the warranties. It’s OK if you get it.

@VDCdriver…you are correct. I no longer live near a Costco store.

Had I bought this on every set of tires over the years I’d have spent well over $500, and would have needed it once, for one tire. Not worth it to me.

if not required by law, never buy insurance. underwriters are there to ensure what has already been stated. you lose, the biz wins.

unless you like to gamble and bet that their risk managers are there and set up prices so the company they work for will lose most of the time and you are more likely to win. odds and ratio’s are the facts to be reviewed here.

I’ll admit that I am as cynical as you are about those warranties they sell. The tire warranty is the only kind I would even consider, and I usually go for it. Regardless, it is a judgement call.

How many times in the past year have you experienced a flat due to road hazards? If you’re a construction worker and experience lots of road hazard damage, perhaps it’s worth iti to you. If, like me, you onyy experoence road hazard damage every five years or so, I think it’s a waste. Unless, of course, it helps you sleep better.

Bottom line: it’s a gamble with the odds in the tire dealer’s favor. You’re betting you’l damage a tire, he’s betting you won’'t. But if it makes you feel more secure, go for it.

And consider this to calculate your side of the gamble ;

Have you wished you had a road hazzard warranty any time in the last two years ? ever ?

Could you actually go back to that store ? ( a big caveat of those warranties…unless it’s a nationwide warranty like Big-O, Costco, or Goodyear )

I know you guys would hate me for saying this, but I have not had the best experience with good brand tires. I buy the cheaper ones pepboys sells. Also part of the problem is that on every car I have needed tires, the expected life expectancy has not been more than 60K miles at the time of getting the tires. Pepboys does do free flat repair and free rotations. No questions asked. I decline the extra warranty and so far not needed it. Just one nail in one tire when wife was driving and that was repaired without any complications/free at Pepboys.

I know you guys would hate me for saying this, but I have not had the best experience with good brand tires. I buy the cheaper ones pepboys sells.

There’s a PepBoys near me. I find their tire prices to be expensive. Once I was looking for new tires…and Pepboys had buy3 get 4 sale. I priced new tires for my truck…and they are almost $100 MORE expensive then the regular price at the local shop I buy my tires at two towns over.