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Should I trust my mechanic?

I went to a new mechanic after a few recommendations from friends. He’s very nice, seems knowledgable and only gets business through recommendations. I took my 2002 Honda Civic in for some work. No problems with the work but I wanted to see if anyone has an idea if the cost seems OK. We live in Northern California if that matters.

Work completed: New front rotors, new front brakes, Adjusted parking brake, New front motor mount (One?), Clean and adjust rear brakes, Flush and replace transmission fluid.
He kept all the old parts to show me the issues and why replacement was needed.

Cost: $430

I would love to trust this guy but I have no idea if this is high, low or normal price.


Sounds reasonable, but use this website to check prices in your are:

Another way to check on this mechanic is to click on the “Mechanics Files” tab on this website and see if anyone else has recommended him.

Reasonable and fair. You have no reason to be concerned.

Sounds reasonable to me considering most mechanics get $75-125 per hour + parts depending on location.

Yep, me too. I’d be pretty happy to get out of there with that bill after all that work.

I’d say $430 for the work done was very reasonable. Especially with a motor mount included in the list.

IMO you owe this guy a hundred dollar tip. JK. Here in the midwest I would figure the tab to be more like around $600-$650.

That price seems very reasonable for that work. I, too, live in the midwest where prices for repair work usually run lower than CA and would expect that tab to be higher, even here. Non-dealer labor rates in my area are usually $55-75 per hour.

Thanks for all of the responses! It’s good to know we can count on our mechanic!!