Fair cost to replace front brakes/rotors


I am going to have my front brakes and rotor’s replaced at one of the local shops and have been pricing it out, what is a good price to have those replaced on a 2003 Impala. Also there is zero chance of me doing it as I struggle to put gas in my car…


Just take the estimate you think is fine. We could make guesses all over the price range and it would not mean a thing.


Enter your information here, and it’ll give you some idea what the repair will cost.



Prices are going to vary from dealer to independent and where you live.

Here in NH and MA, the hourly rate at a dealer is hovering around $125 (even as high as $140). I know places like upstate NY it’s $90.

My suggestion is find a good independent and have them do it. Rates are usually cheaper and this isn’t rocket science…most back-yard mechanics can do it.


Pads only might be $150. Adding rotors bumps it to 250. Replacing calipers? Now ur at 350-375. New brakes hoses? Another 75. Sloppy wheel bearings? Another 350. And so on. Oops. Worn tires. U need alignment too. And new struts. And I see u have some oil seepage at pan gasket.


I have a 2007 Highlander. For part of the time I owned it, I used the local Lexus dealer for service for a few reasons. I owned a Lexus under warranty and that’s how I found them. First, they had great mechanics who would spend time discussing issues. Second, they offered me a new Lexus loaner car for things like brakes and wheel bearing jobs and I could keep it overnight. Thus, no lost work time. It was also nearby and the Lexus dealer had a free cafe with free breakfast and lunch, so I ate there every time I came in. The dealer also washed the car every time it was in for anything. They will even wash their own brand of cars for free anytime. The dealer is also a Mass inspection station, so I could always get an inspection sticker if need be with zero delay. I replaced the wheel bearing on a corner of that vehicle and the job was done well. I later switched to a trusted local mechanic and I use him now (Mark McMullen of G&M services in Millis, MA) Mark did the other corner for about half the price. I brought in the Lexus dealer receipt to compare. I feel like I got a good deal at both, but for those on a budget I think it is clear which is the better option. Unless you need to drop the car and immediately drive to work, or if you need a sticker, or if you place a high value on a free lunch, free shoe shine, free car wash, free mani-pedi, whatever. I am not trying to be cute. I am serious. Two models, different prices, but also different included services. I hesitate to say what a fair price is, but I agree with the members above on their suggestions.


Right now the best offer I have gotten is from a place called Tire Plus, they will replace the rotors and pads for $324. Plus I get a $20 rebate to send in.