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Rear pads and rotor replacement

For a 2003 impala, what is a fair cost to replace the rear pads and rotors on this car. I priced out the parts and looking at about $145. A place close to me wants $265 to do the entire job. I don’t have the ability to do it and thus need to have a shop do it.

This is just like anything else you pay to have done. Your area makes a difference in cost. Who you have do it makes a difference, all you can do is collect estimates and make a decision that way.
One of the real good mechanics here is in California and I am sure the prices there are more than where I am.

You cannot use parts prices you find on the internet to determine if a shop’s quote is reasonable. Parts can vary from pure junk to parts that would only be necessary on a track car. And since a good shop will stand behind everything, and because they do they’ll use parts that they don’t get returns on (decent parts), it’s perfectly fair for them to both add a markup and charge a reasonable fee for the labor and shop stuff, like brake cleaner and antisqueal grease.

In my neighborhood $265 is very reasonable.

$265 is a fair price in my area. A shop will use high quality parts and stand behind their work. They know all the tricks to make the job right so you do not came back in with call backs for trouble.


I don’t know where you’re located, but the price you quoted sounds reasonable

A few bits of advice . . .

Make sure the disc brake hardware is replaced . . . pins, bushings, shims, clips, etc. Those tend to get corroded, lose their tension, etc., and often can’t really be restored to good condition. Have the pins, bushings, slides, etc. lubed with the appropriate brake caliper lube. Not doing so can result in problems down the road. Apply brake paste to the backing plates, as needed

All these little details can make the difference between a good brake job and one that results in a comeback

Don’t let the shop use the cheapest grade of brake pads and rotors. Sometimes the cheapo brakes don’t fit very well, or turn out to be noisey

I hope this shop isn’t one of those chains . . . ?

Good Lord, db, I wholeheartedly agree. Avoid chain shops at all costs. I didn’t even think to suggest that.