Estimate of brake pads and rotor replacement 2017 Hyndai santa fe sport?

Estimate of brake pads and rotor replacement for both front and rear of 2017 Hyndai santa fe sport? My mechanic estimating around 1100$ for parts and labor… Thank you

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and find out.


It only shows brakepads but not rotors. Doesn’t let me select front and rear…

You have never said how many miles on either of these vehicles needing that much brake work so soon . I wonder if this mechanic is really versed in brakes .

I’ve paid around $400-500 for new brake pads and rotors on my Honda Odyssey minivan.

I know it’s not the same vehicle… but there’s an estimate for you.

$1100 seems way high to me. I’d get another estimate, preferably from a non-dealer.

Thank you… I felt the same. I just got another local guy quoted 1000$ for the same.

My price of $400-500 was total, parts and labor, for both front and back.

One caveat is where you live. It may be cheaper to live where I do, compared to your location.

This one is around 50k miles already…

How much did they charge for each brake rotor? The parts must be half price where you live.

You have 2 posts for brakes on 2 different vehicles. Coincidence that they both need it at the same time? just curious.

Rotors and pads? Ok. Calipers? Why not. Go for it.

Hi. Yes, other one is mine and the work was done few months ago. Now I wanted to verify if the mechanic I go to is reliable and genuine so I ended posting the previous and current quote of his online today to get opinion.

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I’m seeing about $120 parts cost for each rotor, $120 for a set of front pads, and $80 for a set of rear pads. About 3/4 hour labor to replace the front pads, same for the rear pads, and about 1/4 hour per set of rotors, front & rear.

Just the four rotors are gonna cost close to $500, so if you can get the whole job done for $1100 P & L, and you are getting good quality parts, that looks like a pretty fair price.

Note that some versions of this vehicle may use drums (rather than discs) for the rear brakes.

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Hi All, here is the picture of updated quote. I am all set. Thank you for the help here.

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$40 brake fluid??? How many gallons does your system hold?

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On the other invoice in his other thread it listed brake fluid flush at 40.00 so that is probably what this one is also.

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But labor was separately itemized from parts!

Maybe brake fluid is a profit center for auto repair shops. Sort of like soft drinks for restaurants. Make little to no money on the hamburger and fries after paying for the ingredients and the staff’s salaries/benefits, but $3 sodas all around are what bring in the required profits for the owner. $40 for a shot of brake fluid is minor expense, nothing to be concerned about as long as the brakes work well.

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Brake fluid flush is a service, not a product. $40 is half the normal charge for a brake fluid flush.

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The invoice lists it as a taxable item. Why would the labor be listed separately for the other services, but included w/the brake fluid service?