Should I replace the battery? AGM, Worth the cost?


with the ever present coupons we get in the mail, i can’t do an oil change on my wife’s car for the price the dealership will do it- and they’ll rotate the tires, check the alignment, and give it a car wash.

I will still check everything else out, and I don’t fall for the “Your Blinker Fluid needs changed” upsell nonsense, but I can’t do it for less than $40.


I most often do my own and pay about a total of $30 for Mobil 1 and OEM filter. I have never failed to put oil back in again so I have never risked losing a $5000 engine by getting a cheap oil change. Also I usually decline the dealer car washes. After claying, polishing, glazing, and waxing my cars, I really don’t care to have their automatic washes blast the wax off again. I did take the savings though and bought another kerosene heater to get the garage up to 65-70 degrees on cold winter days if I’m out there. I’m not ready to put air conditioning in yet for the summer though. Call me a wimp but I don’t like being cold. I guess I was cold too much when I was young.


I can…using full synthetic…either Mobil 1 or Castrol any other name brand non-exotic oil.

6.5 quarts of oil and filter is a little less then $40. And I know it’s done right.