2017 Subaru Forester battery problems

Anyone having battery issues with thei 2017 Forester? Mine has died 6x, with the battery being replaced, since 2/17. The dealer kept telling me to drive it more, which sounds ridiculous, but I did what they said, but it didn’t help probably because it’s a problem with the car and not the customer! Finally, this last time, after I stopped being a doormat, they updated the computer so it doesn’t draw so much power when it’s not running. Just got it back yesterday, but am not feeling real confident that it’s fixed. If it happens again, I’m filing a lemon law claim. Any input would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Go for it.

But I suspect Subaru is right. You aren’t driving it enough to keep the battery charged and THEY know how many miles a month you drive since they can see the odometer every time you bring it in. We can’t and you didn’t tell us.

perhaps you missed the part where I said I did do what they suggested and drove it more, but it still died. my research on this matter shows this is a common problem with Subarus. It’s a design flaw that they’re not addressing. my 2014 Forester was driven the same way and it never died so it’s clearly not my driving habits to blame. My question was if anyone knew if the computer update would actually help the problem.

It could related to your driving habits, actually. I don’t know if you have more electrical things that draw power down after the car is turned off (or burn more when it’s on) vs your 2014. If you do have more in the 2017 and most of your driving is short distance before the alternator gets a chance to fully recharge the battery, then each time you restart car, the battery isn’t as full. And eventually it gets too weak to put out enough charge to start the car.

Perhaps same or similar problem. Has happened twice in the last 6 months - won’t start, just clicks. Battery showed 12.05V but 10 min of charging at 4 amps is enough to get it up to 12.2V which is enough to start it. With the lights on the charger delivers 6 amps and with the lights off it sits at 4 amps.

Does this car have the wonderful stop/start feature ? If so and you dont drive much then this could be an issue . If it is and you can turn it off , try that for awhile .

There’s 3 tsb’s on the battery draining issue for the 2017 Forester 2.5L, and another battery related tsb, b/c apparently it is a little tricky installing another battery, due to a sensor in the way. The solution to the draining problem seems to involve reprogramming.

My dealership finally figured out the cause with the 2017 Forester battery problems. They “found internal short in the DCM. Replaced the DCM and DCM battery.” There was “internal failure within the DCM module, found parasitic draw in System 14 SMP spec IS.035-0.70A, found that the DCM was staying on and Deaw is 0.035.0”. Parts replaced were SPO 86229SG000 (PB001396 telematics) and SPO 57433SG000 (battery DCM). It means that this DCM thing was zombie-like and kept draining the life out of my battery info system when it should have shut down.
I was only charged $100 deductible on my extended warranty, but since this problem has been ongoing for years, and I paid for another battery last year, I may contact national HQ for Subaru and see if they can make me whole. I’ve also had to take time off work for this problem. This was some sort of defective part or programming from the start. Hope everyone else will check out this possible solution for battery issues.