Battery Test Results

I recently got my battery checked and the service person asked me to change the battery based on CCA. Rated CCA is 590 and measured CCA was 432 at a temperature of 20C. Please advice.

that’s a bit low.

What led you to get it checked? was it fully charged when checked?

It has been running for a while now. I recently purchased a second-hand vehicle and took it for general inspection. and these where the battery results I got

If the battery is more than 3 years old, I’d replace it. Or start carrying a battery jump pack and wait for the battery to die and replace it then.

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Okay. Thanks a lot. would keep this in mind

A substandard battery may tide you over the summer, but with the kind of winter we are having, you need one with the full capacity specified for the vehicle.

The AAA lists out of gas and batteries that won’t start the car on a cold morning as the 2 chief sources of calls.

A few years ago we went to a New Year’s Eve dance and it was bitterly cold. By the time we were ready to go home, my car started, but barely so. We normally have block heaters that plug in but this club did not have any.

So, if the battery does not carry the load after being fully charged , I’d replace it.

That battery tested marginal and should be replaced at your earliest convenience. Sooner is better than later if it is a cold climate (overnight temps in the 20’s F or below) , or has shown any symptoms already, like slow cranking or clicks instead of cranking.