Should I replace the battery? AGM, Worth the cost?


Yea, but I really had fun with this! :rofl: Anyway, baterry is just slightly more angry battery, occasionally filled with blood sucking bats or flying snakes. They are usually non serviceable as opening them will result in an injury or death. They need to be recycled by feeding them to giant Werepigeons in Gargle land.

Also I learned english by watching Stargate SG1 series so malfunctions in my grammar will be repeated. :wink:


Pretty sure that’s nonsense. Any proof?

Car companies go to lower viscosities to improve mpgs.


Use gloves because of the acid, not the lead…if you’re not opening the battery up to add distilled water (if you have one that you can even do so anymore), you’re not going to make contact with the lead…And besides that point, you can handle lead with minimal harmful affect. Lead is harmful when you either ingest or inhale it


That and some of the other stuff that Paegaskiller is posting.


Is that enough?

Although yes I made a mistake there, it was changed to 5W40 not 30. Source: An actual Fiat service guy.


There’s no such thing. The reason the change from 10w40 to 5w30 is to meet the Cafe’ requirements. Show me the oil company that doesn’t make a 10w40 and a 5w30 oil? All major manufacturers do.


I haven’t been talking about adding liquid in to the battery… havent seen serviceable one in a while.


So your source that oil companies and car companies make deals over oil specs is the service guy at the dealer? I don’t trust them to know what’s in the owner’s manual, much less the internal dealing of the carmaker!


I know you weren’t…you said to use gloves because of the lead:

I’m saying you use gloves because of the acid inside…not the lead. As I posted previously, there is minimal harm to touching lead. Poisoning occurs when lead is either ingested or inhaled.


Yes because lead is material of the plates in the battery submerged in acid which (even though slowly) is breaking the plates down. After that it could get on to the outside of the battery through leaks. Also, contacts of the battery are made of that stuff, and that’s directly outside.

Now sure you should be fine, since it’s not organic lead and isn’t absorbed by human body so well and you’ll wash your hands afterwards. But why being covered in any of it to begin with when it could be prevented?


And at that point I’m still more worried about Acid than Lead

So are fishing weights and I’ve handled hundreds of them with no problems due to lead exposure


Decent cash is being paid for one time appearance of logo on tv.

This could be speculation, and I agree that service guy might not be the best source ever.

In this case though we are talking about decades of assured cash flow towards the oil company by reccomendation of the car manufacturer. Now I don’t know how about you, but I would have been willing to spend some damn serious cash for having MY brand of oil recommended in to a type of an engine. Mostly because innocent souls would totally fall for it and buy my overpriced grease-goo 9000, even though other brands will do just fine.
Otherwise, service book wouldn’t have been containing specific brand of oil you need to use for your car, it would have just contained the specification.

My service book has two page commercial for Selenia oils in it. You think they put it there for free?


Car companies never recommend brands of oil. Car companies try to get folks to buy from the dealer, which almost never happens except for oil changes done at the dealer.

And I still don’t get why money would be made by changing specs. They were already selling the old spec oil, right?


After a while an old product may become a burden. Newer cars will be run with full synthetics and lower viscosity. Spec change assures increasing sales of the new product and will ensure smooth transition to eventual end of the old line of product, whenever it comes. Selenia WR Diesel (now recommended) came after Selenia Turbo Diesel (original spec), and it costs more money to buy.

You get the deal - This way production could focus on new product and more money is made on the way.


I don’t go to the dealer for an oil change unless my car is still under a full warranty.


I do, same price as independent shop, every fifth change is free ( use the free change for the truck that take 8 quarts), earn $$ towards future services. Loyalty pays off, had a tire puncture w/o toad hazard warranty, tire repaired free. Curtesy shuttle or walk to breakfast. But then, I have domestic vehicles, an on going trend that I see on these threads is Pacific rim dealers tend to engage in ‘up sells’ for unnecessary services.


You live in a special area. When my local dealer runs a special on oil change - it’s still twice the price of the independents.


It might be too far for you to drive but I bought two cars from Commonwealth in the past and they have great deals on oil changes during warranty period if you bought from them (~19.99 Semi-synthetic). I was curious so just checked out their specials. They cycle specials and right now, their Nissan service has this-



Hard to beat that if you’re willing to head down that way…


For $59 my dealer does the semi-synthetic+tire rotation+inspections. Probably could get it a bit cheaper, but they have good treats in the waiting room!


Commonwealth Motors is a bit far…but that is a decent price.

I do my own oil changes anyways. Takes me 20 minutes and I know it’s done right.