Should I replace one or all of my motor mounts? 2007 Toyota Camry


I took my car for servicing and they recommended I replace the front torque strut engine mount. I’ve been doing some research and many say, if you need to replace one, you should do them all. However, this mechanic (firestone) only recommended changing one. I’m assuming they looked at the others as well and didn’t find a problem. I’m worried that if I replace this one mount, the other mounts (assuming they are not good and the mechanic just didn’t tell me) might wear the new one down quicker.

The mount I need to change looks pretty simple to replace. According to youtube, it’s only removing a couple bolts. You don’t even need to jack the car up to do it.

I got this car used in 2018, and according to the previous service history, and the time I’ve had the car, the mounts have never been replaced or changed.

I’m just wondering, should I replace just this one, or take it to the man and tell them to do them all?

Go to an independent shop, have your mounts checked. Chain stores, like Firestone, Midas, etc. tend to upsell unnecessary, high profit services.
If one mount actually does need replacing, I would replace all, including, if separate, the transmission mount, if you intend to keep the vehicle for many more years.


Thank you so much. Yea I was also thinking of getting them checked somewhere else as well.

Be careful envisioning doing this job yourself, too.

Generally speaking, to replace a motor mount, you have to support the motor. Meaning, you have to be able to lift it up just high enough to remove/replace the mount(s). An engine might weigh the better part of 1000 pounds. Not a job for the faint of heart, or, I’d argue, for someone without access to a lift.

+1 to getting a second opinion at a local independent shop.


It is common to find torn insulators in the torque control mount, a popular upsell. Some techs will charge 1 hour labor to replace it, a 5 minute job.

The other mounts support the engine, they don’t tear like the torque mount. The engine support mounts are durable on these cars, you shouldn’t need to replace them, however if you ask enough mechanics you will find one that believes you need to replace all of them.


yes defiantly do this job yourself if all your doing is the torque one, quick and easy, part is cheap, make sure you are on level surface when doing it, if your not doing anything to support the engine from underneath, or putting a block behind it to keep it from rocking back when removing the old torque mount

i did this job myself on the 2005 version of this car, it’s plain simle job, takes a few mintues

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had two 1994 camrys. had both cars needing new mounts. Had them all done (two lower and the dog bone I believe). Both cars lasted past 200K. My 2005 camry at 186K never needed new mounts.

My Corolla uses 5 mounts for the engine/transmission ass’y. The mount position is defined by the position w/respect to the engine compartment, not its position w/reference to the engine. The 5 mount positions on my Corolla are

  1. Right mount: At the right front inner fender, near the front of the engine.
  2. Left mount: At the left front inner fender, near the rear of the transmission.
  3. Front mount: At the front bumper area, near to where the trans and engine meet.
  4. Rear mount: At the rear of the engine compartment, neear to where the trans and engine meet.
  5. Middle mount: The middle of the engine compartment, about halfway between 3 and 4.

Do any of these correspond to a torque control mount? It seems like you could call both 3 and 4 torque control mounts in the sense their location are most effective at preventing the engine/trans ass’y from twisting.

This is a torn mount on a 2008 from last week. The torque control mount is on the top-right side of the engine, there is no weight or load on the mount until you load the engine.