Motor mounts--how many?

Ihave 1 '94 Camry, 175K miles. “Dog-bone” engine mount replaced at 90K. 2 Front engine mounts replaced at 147K when struts were replaced. Recently a mechanic says engine mounts are worn out, big price tag to replace them. ($900!) I think they’re blowing smoke. How many motor mounts does this car have, and do I need to care about this?

What are the symptoms that makes a mechanic say the mounts are worn?

I’d guess there are three mounts, but there may be four. I’d get a second opinion, and I’d like to know if you are having any trouble with the car. It’s unusual for someone to recommend motor mount replacement unless the customer has a problem.

The price seems a bit high, too.

Here is the parts and labor listing from ALLDATA. $900 sounds alittle high but not completely out of the ball park according to this list.

Engine Mount
Engine Mounts
Manual Trans 1236174241 $165.05
Auto Trans 1236174253 $183.40
Manual Trans 1237274370 $98.00
Auto Trans 1237274570 $74.56
Manual Trans 1237174301 $182.80
Auto Trans 1237174312 $205.06
Manual Trans 1236303080 $44.78
Auto Trans 1236374120 $49.30

Labor Skill
Level Mfg.
Warranty Standard
Engine Mount
One B 0.5 0.9
Each Additional B 0.0 0.4