Should I fix the scrape and dent in a 2003 Town & Country?


My husband backed into my minivan this morning. The passenger door and sliding door are slightly dented but have some major scrapes. I will drive thus car until it dies for practical reasons - we have small children. Why would I need to repair the damage except for cosmetic reasons? It matches the scrape on the drivers side.


In your case there is no reason.


I see no reason to as long as it doesn;t affect door function, however you may want to fill the scrapes with touchup paint to reduce premature rusting.

  • mountainbike


What MB said…No need except to decrease the amount of rust it may get. If it didn’t go through the paint then forgetaboutit…


I knew somebody who had previous body damage on his car. He parked it at the club next to a car that had already been hit. The other car owner called the police and the guy got arrested for drunk driving and had to pay for the damage to the other car. So, take a picture of the damage and have some witnesses sign and date the back. Keep a picture in the glove compartment without the signatures on it with a camera date on it. Or not.