How much would this paint job be?

I got into an accident and the side of my car was scratched up. Not bad but I panicked thinking my mom would take my car so I tried spray painting over it with my friend. We sanded it and glossed it, it almost matches the rest of the door. It is just the bottom part half of the door along the side of the whole car. How much will it cost now to get it fixed so it matches the rest of the car?

Sorry I thought my car model would post automatically from my account. It is an Audi Q3. And no I did not get into a hit and run, somebody side swiped my parked car and I panicked. Man you car people are really mean when it comes to cars, like all I got was personal attacks.

A repair estimate like this can’t be given over the web. We have no idea where you are or even what this vehicle is . And if you can’t own up to a mistake then I doubt anyone here will help you cover it up . Especially from your mother .

Depends if its an old beater or a recent car.A newer car, I would go to a bodyshop to fix properly so your car has better resale value. I would touch- up with paint on a old beater.

Not even a picture, no mention of the type of car, the color, the age, nothing.

Like asking a doctor to diagnose a skin rash over the telephone.

If I was your mom, I’d take your car away because you had an accident, tried to hide it from me and…

Did you report the accident to the police? If you didn’t, you committed a crime even if you only hit a post or wall. If you hit another car, you should be worried the Police are going to take your license.

you banged up mommies car and have to borrow money, uh, ahem, use your allowance from her to fix her car?

Without pictures, it’s difficult/impossible to give you an estimate. If you got sideswiped there’s probably going to be some bodywork that needs to be done. If the damage runs over multiple panels/doors, you’re probaby looking at around $2k-$3k maybe more, depending on where you live and the shop you use. Keep in mind you get what you pay for, and you’re probably going to want to make an insurance claim.

If someone can take your car from you, then it’s not your car to begin with.


I know the original post was VERY different . . . based on the comments you’re getting and the fact that there’s a red pencil in the upper right hand corner. I don’t have magical powers, but I have a pretty good idea what really happened, as far as the car is concerned, and who actually owns the car. But I’m not going to preach . . .

I’m with @FoDaddy . . . as far as the estimate goes

And here’s why . . .

A few years ago my car was sideswiped while it was legally parked. I came back after completing my business, to discover my car was messed up, and there was a note under one of the windshield wiper blades. In the note, the guy fessed up and included his name and a phone number.

I immediately called my insurance and arranged to scan the note and send it to them as part of an email. After I did that, they said the guy accepted full responsibility, they told me the name of his insurance, and they asked me where I’d like to bring the car to get it repaired. I only dealt with my insurance and the body shop.

Anyways . . . the left front fender, door and part of the bumper were affected, in addition to the mirror, which was literally dangling by the wires.

The body shop actually did an excellent job repairing, not replacing, the parts. The only part that got replaced was the mirror, which they replaced with a used one painted to match my car. It’s been a few years and the repair has held up very well. You can’t tell anything ever happened.

The costs were about $3K, as per the paperwork

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Body shops usually give free estimates, so start with that. My wild guess is also that you’ll be in the $2,000 to $3,000 range here.

Normally this sort of situation would be submitted to the insurance company, but in this case that’ll be very complicated because there’s apparently there’s no police report and because you already did some repair work.

So you tried to hid something from your mother that was not even your fault . That tells me that you don’t even know what kind if insurance coverage you have or how it works. And once a gain a cost can’t be provided over the web . It needs to be seen in person . The sooner you let your mother know what happened and your mistake in trying to hid it will be better if she finds out before you do the right thing.

About ten years ago the local body shop generally charged $150 per panel for painting. More now for sure. Problem is you can’t just do one panel but the adjacent panels need to be blended in. Just get an estimate from a shop.

But really, mean or not, just man up and tell Mom. I remember coming home with Mom’s relatively new car after hitting a herd of deer in South Dakota. Yeah windshield, door, fender, quarter panel. I told her right away and we fixed it. She wasn’t happy but who would be. Better than taking a spray can when you don’t know what you are doing.

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This would have been an insurance claim. Now that you have painted it, I am not sure any more.

We don’t know your and your mom’s financial situation. Because this might make your insurance premium to go high, so sometimes it might be better to pay out of pocket and fix it yourself.

I kind of agree that you get what you pay for, esp since this is an Audi, they will charge you got money. But, sometimes the body shops charge higher fees when they think your insurance is paying, so if you tell them you are paying out of pocket, they might give you some break.

Probably still an insurance claim assuming OP’s mom has comprehensive. If someone vandalizes your car with spray paint, the removal work is covered under comp. Same thing here - the motives of the guy with the spray can aren’t a factor, so it won’t matter that OP was trying to fix it rather than trying to wreck it.

OP, just tell your folks what happened. If your parents would take your car away because someone else hit it while you weren’t even in it, then they’re unhinged.

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What you should have done is to fall on the sword and 'fess up when this accident happened.

Granted, the accident was not your fault but the cover-up could be a reason for punishment. If so, take any punishment that comes your way.

Earl Scheib used to paint any car for $99.95

I remember when Earl Scheib would Paint any car for $29.95. But they qoulden’t mask anything except the windows.

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My mom knows now

How could we have been mean? According to the site this is your very first post.

Yes. I am new and certainly unfamiliar with things here. That seems like it should give people less of a reason to be a dick when I’m seeking advice

You’re asking us for an estimate on painting some damage that none of us has seen. I’m not a body man but I have done quite a few automotive body and paint repairs along with a lot of motorcycle repairs and paint. I also loathe body work with a passion.

I will say that most minor damage can easily run a grand and also easily hit 2 grand. That’s just ball parking off the top of my head while imagining what the damage is like.

About 10 years ago some guy bumped in to my Lincoln on the left rear and left a 5" long crease. He said to get an estimate and he would pay me out of pocket. That 5" crease was 1200 dollars.

Materials alone can run into the hundreds of dollars and in some cases thousands.

You’re on a forum populated by adults, and you’re asking for advice. We’re not being jerks just because we’re telling you something you don’t want to hear. That you would cover up a wreck that wasn’t even your fault is dishonest and childish, not to mention bizarre. Don’t expect the world to pat you on the back and tell you you’re wonderful when you do dumb things.