Shock absorber model part number

I would like to know which car the following shock absorber model corresponds to:
Manufacturer: YOKOMITSU
Model: C-K20CHV0903-FR
I will be very grateful for your information.

It appears to fit some VW and Audi models.

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OP, if unable to narrow down which car it is, given the Audi/VW clues, you could surf over to and search through their list. For example type 2015 audi into the search bar, then click a3, then suspension, then shock absorber. A list of shocks that fit that car will appear. Unfortunately the shock you mention isn’t on that list, but you get the idea how it might be possible to eventually sus out which year and model it comes from.

Another idea, email yokomitsu corp customer service, maybe somebody there will reply.

A visit to some audi and vw dealerships might turn up the info too.

Even if you get the correct answer what are you going to do with it ? Asking for friend.


Go here, ask Yokomitsu directly.


“Yokomitsuparts”, name , there may be a mitsubishi link to that company too.