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Porsche Panamera rear axle damage

Hi all

I have a part as seen in the picture which has snapped on my rear axle/suspension area of my Porsche Panamera D 2013. I can not for the life in me find this part? Does anyone have a name of it or part number? Looks like a rear mounting bracket but the pictures on eBay don’t seem to be the same. Please help and merry Christmas!

That would be called the upper rear control arm.


Thank you so much for your reply. It’s not the arm that’s actually broken, it’s the thing it’s connected too?


It looks like some sort of chassis isolator/bushing.


I guess I am missing something here. This is a Porsche , why would you trust Ebay or Amazon type parts. I would use a Porsche dealer or contact an approved Porsche repair shop.

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I will be going to Porsche to order the item but I would like know what I’m ordering and unfortunately eBay and Google show pics. Still difficult as I don’t actually know the name for the part :weary:

The parts counter person will be able to show you diagrams and you can point out the part you need. And if that does not work you may have to pay for a little shop time to get the correct part.

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Thanks for your help. Cars a little stranded at the moment so will have to get it recovered there unless I get the name of this part. Their service desk is not open until after Xmas and I was hoping to get it sorted tomorrow. Thanks again

How did this happen? That’s a large suspension mounting point, now that wheel is not well located. Did you hit something? A big pothole?

It’s slid out and hit a kerb at force and snapped the wheel. British wet winter :weary:

I assume you have full coverage insurance with towing so I would use it and make sure this is repaired properly . I would think there is more damage besides what you see.

I also think that if you were not driving faster than conditions require you probably need new tires ( all 4 ).

Don’t need all four tyres, just the one that’s damaged. Not going through insurance, repairing privately.

Try to look on the bright side!
Because the vehicle in question is a Porsche, this repair probably won’t cost more than $2k.

This is a Porsche. The damaged part that is mentioned plus a tire and possibly a wheel could actually be more that this persons deductible if they have full insurance. I think a Panamera is all wheel drive so that might mean 4 tires. Why are people so reluctant to use the insurance they pay for?

Because this might not be the first claim the OP has filed with the insurance company?

Which would mean the insurance rates would go up?


Insurance isn’t cheap, and with claims it will just go up. Wouldn’t be reluctant but I have sourced a wheel and Tyre cheap and just need this one part.

I feel this topic going off topic

With that kind of an accident there could be many other damaged parts. You need to get it fully checked out.

It has been, and that’s all that needs changing.

Your control arm is not broke as you say. What it mounts too is. I think it is the cast subframe ear. Hard to see in rear of pic. I think a broke cast alum ear is not a cheap fix. I think a shop might weld the ear? Vs replace the subframe? A used subframe is probably not a ton of money. It’s the labor to replace it.

The picture show a number of different parts. Can you use MS Paint or something similar to re-post it with the part in question circled or something? Is it any of the numbered parts here?