Can Somebody Identify These Suspension Parts For Me?

Bought my mk4 gti lowered. After some time owning it I’ve gotten it set back to it’s original ride height, but I still have the old suspension parts from when it was lowered. I’m looking to sell them but I’m not super knowledgeable about suspension parts and can’t figure out how to identify them or even where to get a part number or anything for them. Can anyone help me out on what exactly these are?

Coil springs, shock absorbers, and struts.


There’s not a name or logo anywhere on them? If not, then I’d guess some lower-level aftermarket stuff. But at least you know if fits your make/model/year, you could sell them for a bit with just that info.

You could also post this on one or more of the VW forums, someone might know, or might want to buy them.

They are known generically as an “adjustable coil-over” shock and strut set for your car. These allow adjustable ride height and some come with adjustable damping in the shocks and struts. The picture is not good enough for me to see if these are adjustable for damping. I also can’t see the brand. You can buy cheap sets brand new for $3-500 (USD) on EBay.

Would anyone even want to buy these parts used? I know I wouldn’t…

Someone would buy them. Put them on Craigslist, plan to meet a buyer in a very public place or at the local police station, cash only.

Or trade for beer.