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New Unity Brand Shocks

I’m looking at purchasing replacement shocks for my 1997 VW Jetta GT. I found replacements but I am unfamiliar with the brand of shock and want to make sure I am getting a reasonable value for my money. The brand is New Unity, and I cant seem to find any reviews about them anywhere online. Has anyone had any experiences good or bad with them?

I haven’t heard of them. I’d stick with a name brand. You can find them at and, among other places. I’ve used both.

With all the name brand shocks out there like Bilstein, Gabriel, Monroe and others…why would you want to buy an “off-brand” shock? Pass on them.

It’s actually Unity Automotive. Here’s their URL:

They import products from Asia (big surprise). A lot of auto parts are manufactured there. Wanna be our guinea pig?