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98 Dodge Neon 2L SOHC

I need to replace the shock absorber like device under the engine. Would you please tell me what the thing is called? Do you think this is a auto parts or dealer item? Thank you!

You are probably referring to the motor mount. Do a Google search for a picture of it to see if it matches what’s in your car.

Many parts stores have them in stock, and any garage can quickly get your part and install it.

Honestly, if you have no idea what it is or what it does, I strongly urge you to take the car to a shop and let them do it. There are many parts under the sheetmetal that are under load (like springs), many that if not replaced properly can cause a crash, and many that require specfific torque values for the bolts. Additionally, on a vehicle that old it’s rare to not have to use penetrating oil and/or an impact wrench to break bolts loose. You could easily snap the head off of a bolt and then you’ll need the equipment and knowledge to deal with the problem.

In addition to ending up with a dengerous vehicle, you could also injure youself just trying to chenge the part. Please, consider bring ing the car to a shop. It could save your life.

Hey OP you might want to consider mountainbikes suggestion . . . . sometime when you disengage springy thingambobs or shocker absorber looking devices . . . like maybe a strut . . . they come apart with incredible force. Don’t hurt yourself. Rocketman