Shipping a leased car long distance

I am considering moving from California to Chicago. I leased a Toyota Yaris a year and a half ago when I got to California (3 year lease) and am trying to decide whether it is best to drive it cross country and accumulate so many miles on it (fearful of going over the miles allotted before the lease is over), or if I should look into companies that will ship a car for you long distance. Do you have any suggestions, or know of a company that provides this service?

The FIRST thing you need to do is read the fine print in your lease (rental contract)…You probably are required to return the car where you picked it up, not in Chicago…You may be in a bit of a Jam with the Yaris…

To answer your question, many companies ship cars…Just google “auto-transport”…But I’m guessing your will cost around $1000 to ship. And you might have to ship it back at the end of the lease…Ouch!

Ouch indeed! Thank you, I hadn’t thought of that at all…will have to do more research on the actual lease restrictions!

It is pretty easy to get quotes on car shipping. I looked at shipping a car from SF, CA to NJ and the quotes were $850 to 1,000. CA to Chicago should be between $500 and $750. If you are likely to go over the mileage allotement in your lease; then shipping is a viable option. You should be able to turn the car into any Toyota dealer if it is a Toyota Motor Co. lease. Shipping costs are less if you have the car picked up and delivered to commercial addresses.