Cost of selling car or shipping to west coast

I am thinking of moving from PA to either CA or CO. My car is a Toyota Carolla S 2004 w 47,000 miles.(paid) Is it more economical to see and buy on west coast? I don’t want to drive it there. Either I will need to hire somone to drive it or ship it. Isthere a difference re; cars made for east coast vs west coast.

You’ll almost definitely be better off financially taking your Corolla with you. Do you have a trusted relative or friend who would be willing to drive it for you for the cost of expenses plus transportation home? That would probably be the cheapest way to go.

Selling and rebuying a vehicle is NOT a good financial decision. You’ll be far better off having it shipped. You’ll loose THOUSANDS in selling and buying another vehicle. Not to mention you know the history of the vehicle…AND it’s only 4 years old.

Make sure that it will pass the rigid California emissions inspection before you ship it west.

Not relevant. A private citizen can “import” a non-California car into the state for their own use. It just has to pass Federal emissions standards for its model year.

You have to factor in the “cost” of selling one car and buying another one. Both processes can be very time-consuming during a very busy period in your life.

You certainly don’t want to sell your Corolla. At 47K miles it’s barely broken in. Either ship it or pay a driver. I could drive the car to either CA or CO for you. I’ve always wanted an excuse to take a vacation and drive across the country, and a 2004 Corolla would get GREAT gas mileage. Food, lodging, gas, and a return air ticket; that’s all I’d ask. I have an excellent driving record, and I live in PA.

If you are going to use a mover for your furniture, ask them what they charge to put your car in their truck.

Make sure that it will pass the rigid California emissions inspection before you ship it west.

No it doesn’t. California isn’t it’s own foreign country YET.

Don’t miss out on the ride, especially if you are going by Rt. 40. No difference from West to East coast. Ca. DMV is great except for the wait in line.

Cars are more expensive in CA. Everything is more expensive in CA. With the low miles, keep it and tow, trailer, or ship it.