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Moving a Car

And I don’t mean towing or driving it.

I was wondering if anyone has experience or recommendations on shipping a car. I recently moved cross-country, left my car in the possession of my mother as a “just-in-case” backup since I’m in an area with good public transit, and now am about to move such that I’ll basically need my car 1 day a week. I’m wondering if it’s more economical to ship the car across the country since I’m still paying on it or see about buying a new used car.

All thoughts welcome, and thanks.

If you’ll only need the car once a week, would you consider something like ZipCar or renting for the day? This will save you money on insurance, gas, and upkeep on a car you only need once a week.

What car? A lot depends on the value of the car. If it is not worth much, then having it carried across the country may not make sense. Then there is the issue of mom selling your car. Would she be up for it? Who could help her get through it? Can she use it and you get another car where you are now? Are cars more expensive where you are now compared to your old home?

Google “shipping a car” and you’ll see lots of companies do this service. Prices vary based on distance, the pick up city and the drop off city. You shouldn’t have any problem getting quotes once you provide the details to a shipping company.

Perhaps you can fly home one way to see mom and drive the car back and enjoy a road trip.

I would look into finding another form of transportation. Got a friend or can you catch a ride, or bus or maybe cab. Frankly cars are expensive.

I am planing on moving cross county in a few years and that is a part of my planning.