Shipping Car from Boston to San Fran


I am shipping my car from Boston to San Francisco in the next week or two. I have never done this before, and I am wondering if anyone has advice on the best company to use, how best to prepare my car, etc.

I was also planning on loading my car with stuff for my new apartment so I don’t have to send the stuff separately. Is this a horrible idea? Nothing I have is extremely valuable- it’s mostly books and bins.

The car is a Ford Focus SVT, and I am not going to drive it myself cross-country. I haven’t the time nor the desire.

Thanks for the help!


Why not ship it by rail?

As for loading it up, I think they charge by weight.

Another way is finding a contract car hauler that comes from San Fran (or vicinity), has a load going to Boston (or vicinity) BUT has room for a vehicle on the return trip.

Nobody hauling for a living makes money running around empty.

Do a NET search, I’m sure you’ll find someone.


Ask at your local dealer’s car auction. The service may not be sudden, but it will be cheaper if you do it that way. I’ve sent cars half way across the country for as little as $500. The problem with loading the car with your worldly goods is that the truckers may well need to move your car from one trailer to another as it makes its way across the country. The car will probably not be locked up all the time, if at all. Those I’ve seen and used left the keys dangling in the ignition, and the doors unlocked. Big transfer hubs on that route are in PA, NJ, St Louis, KC, and Denver.


Go to EBAY, search “auto shipping” USE THE QUOTES. There you will find a wonderful list, a cost compairison guide, and lots of phone numbers.

They do charge by weight and will not be able to give you a quote if you are going to stuff the car.

Born in San Fran. You are going to love it there.


Check and you will get a general idea of your options. DAT is enclosed shipping and a bit pricey.


Keep in mind that the stuff in the car can bounce around a lot more than it might if you were driving it.


It only takes 6 days from Boston, even if you take route 40 most of the way. You will save $1400.oo. You will drive hrough the Petrified Forest. You will notice some downed trees, but they are rocks now. Count the mesas in New Mexico. Look at the billboards in NM, Tucumcari tonight. See the lava in Arizona that looks new. I think you can see the Cadillac Ranch. You will be completely lost in San Francisco unless you are from there. If you take the city bus when you get there; GOOD LUCK. Cabs will get you anywhere in a couple of minutes. The pedestrians are hostile and the horns never stop.


Gawd! Some things never change eh? It was like that when I was visiting there in 1962.


Putting your belongings in the car is not a good idea . Are you sure about registering your car in Ca ? They can be a PITA out there about out of state cars .


Ca. no longer charges the extra $300.oo for bringing an out of state car there. They had to pay me back for the two that they charged me for in the past. They paid it back with interest too.