Shipping a car to East cost vs Buying in East coast?

My Acura Integra is in California and already have an offer for just under $5k.
Has 150k miles on it. Its over 20yrs of age. I need a car in Georgia. Shipping cost at least $1200.

If I took the option to sell it in CA, I might be buying a 2007 Civic in GA.

Question is how hard it might be to buy a used good car in Georgia? Is it worth paying the shipping cost? My immediate use is for 5months the least. Most 17months. I do not think renting is an option.

Btw, Can I drive to Amtrak somewhere in California and have it shipped - cost less?

No more difficult than anywhere else .


For me, the obvious question is why not drive from CA to GA in your Integra rather than ship it or sell it???

If the answer is that you lack confidence in the reliability of the car to drive it cross country then look at the comparative costs of having work done to make it more long trip reliable versus the costs and gamble of buying a newer used car in GA at the current inflated prices of used cars.

This is a case where perhaps spending the cost of having your Integra thoroughly looked over by a mechanic for issues might be money well spent to help you make your decision.


It seems to take 4-5 days for one person to drive.
2,483 miles

I do not think that I have that much time 2-3 days would have been manageable.

This is your chance to…



My kid is on 3rd cali car in Colorado. Flies to la, drives to Colorado. Did it on Jan 10. Snow?

I call that 3 days easy.

Not for everyone. For example, four-hundred miles a day is my maximim safe driving distance which even then wipes me out. I envy those who can safely manage far longer distances in a day.

Plus, even taking the southern route involves some higher elevations subject to wintery mix driving conditions.

Given @sciconf stated parameter limitations, I can see why my suggestion of just driving from CA to GA may not be a viable option. Just as I agree with you @Mustangman that it would be a very reasonable option for most people.


Personally, I’d either drive the car to GA myself, or have it shipped.

I wouldn’t try buying a new (or new to you) car in GA. You won’t know its history, and your selection will be limited.


Depends on how many cops are out
:wink: :sunglasses:
seriously, though, depending on where in Cali, it’s probably 36ish hours. I’ve done 14 hours of driving in a day before. It’s not ideal, but if I was limited on time as @sciconf seems to be, I could do it myself in probably 2 days. If you had 2 or 3 drivers going along and could drive straight through on the other hand…

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Shipping both ways is 2400.00 - that amount will not buy much of a used vehicle these days .

Long term monthly rental - at least it would be time well spent just to know what it would cost .

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LA has more cars than CO?

Amtrak only ships cars between DC and Orlando:

Car Talk has several car shipping articles that can help you, including this overview by the excellent @GorehamJ:

If you were moving somewhere that gets a lot of rust, I’d tell you to ship it, because you’d get a premium for a California vehicle that presumably doesn’t have any. But Georgia cars aren’t exactly rust buckets either, so you’re likely to get just as much if not more selling it locally, and you save on the cost of shipping it.

BTW, on that 2007 Civic - make sure it’s not one of the ones with a bad block casting. If I recall that problem was killing engines on Civics made from '06 to '09 or so

I doubt it. The shipping company took my car from VA to Chicago and shipped to California via Amtrak.

No, Amtrak only has an auto train from lorton, Virginia to Sanford, Florida.

Auto train is different than shipping.
I did not know autotrain was still running.

Yup, daily

Maybe this helps … If you sell your car for $5,000 and buy an identical, (same price, etc) in Georgia, besides the replacement car price you’re going to pay a 7% AdValom tax $350 and at least another $50 in transfer fees, total $400.

Net shipping cost $1,200 - $400 = $800.

Of course there’s a whole lot of other considerations but this only focuses on shipping.


In late 1958 I was in Monterey, CA and in the military. Four of us got together and advertised in the local paper if anyone needed to have a car shipped to the East Coast. We got a response from someone with a 1956 Dodge sedan they wanted delivered to an address in the Washington, D.C. area. All we asked for was gas money to which they agreed. Along the way three GIs were dropped off at their homes while the last one delivered the car and took a short airplane hop from Washington to Syracuse, NY. Everyone was almost quite pleased with the deal but on the day of picking up the car in Monterey the owners reneged on paying for the gasoline. We were stuck for the moment but a local friend in Monterey gave us enough money for gasoline.
So might I suggest you advertise at a close-by military base if anyone is going to a specific place or close by in Georgia that would like to drive your Integra (btw a fine vehicle IMHO). Say your car gets 20mpg and $3.25/gal would be about $400 your cost for gas.
Doesn’t really have to be military but they don’t get paid much!

Will this do that too?