Shifter indicator for 2003 Pontiac Bonneville

Does anybody know where to get the piece that attaches from the shifter to the indicator (P-R-N-D-1-2-3). I accidentally broke it off while replacing the light bulb to illuminate the indicator. When I shift to Drive, the indicator stays in place on Park.

Have you tried the any GM dealer? They all have access to Pontiac parts information and many, many parts are common across GM cars. If the part is available at all, it will likely need to be ordered.

I went to the local GM dealership and they didn’t know what I was talking about. On eBay, it’s sold along with the entire shifter which is what I don’t want to end up buying. How can such a small piece of hard plastic be so difficult to obtain?

Because it is inside a car that is 13 years old, from a marque that no longer exists. You have 2 options, as I can see it. 1) have that part made or 2) buy the whole shifter. Even IF Pontiac was still around, GM may not still stock the part beyond 10 years.

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I would think that this part would be around still. Who knows which other GM brands share parts and which ones are still currently being produced.

Because there is almost no demand for that part and if there was one it would be expensive.

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Your experience says otherwise. Who knows? GM knows. The dealer you went to is incompetent. Go see another. OR search for your part here;

If is not there, then it doesn’t exist anymore. Back to my last suggestion, buy the assembly off Ebay or have the part made.

More options- repair the one that broke or scavenge one from a junked car. There may be several models that share the same assembly…

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