Difficulities in finding Pontiac parts

A friend of mine has a 2002 Pontiac Gran Prix. The problem she is having is she can’t remove the key when she puts the car in park and turns the car off. The car is under warrenty since she just bought it and it’s at the mechanic who does the work via the warrenty. He has told here it is in the gear shift, however he is having a difficult time in finding a replacement gear shifter. Given that Pontiac is no longer made where can someone go to find parts? He told her his “sources” don’t have it and is having 1 of his guy check local junk yards. But I gotta think that there are sources on line that would carry parts like that for cars no longer made. What advise can I give her?

A GM Dealer (Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac) Can Locate One And Order It, Too.


The Grand Prix was very similar to the Buick Regal. Maybe the equivalent Buick part will work. Go to a Buick parts department and have them check to see if the parts are compatible.

The diagnosis might also be taken with a grain of salt and I’m having a hard time seeing the actual shifter being at fault.