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Broken shifter mechanism

'04 Chevy Malibu Maxx. The shifter knob mechanism that gets from P/R/D etc. broke off at the base inside the compartment. I currently can get the bottom of where the lever snapped into the hole where it belongs, reach my hand underneath the middle console from in front to pull some kind of release lever ( I think the one that normally is pulled when you hold the button to shift), and can pull back and forth for the appropriate gear. Its working for me now, but need to go back to TX where my inspection is expired, and dont think it will pass like this. Is it possible to repair myself (not much experience) or should I just take it in. If taken in, what am I looking at for parts and labor (ballpark). Thanks

The mechanism is just a lever with the shift indicator and a cable that extends to the transmission. I’d go to a salvage yard to get a replacement from a comparable GM model that uses the exact same mechanism. the salvage yard has a compatibility guide to find the correct part. Any mechanic can replace it for you. It is not a hard job at all, but does require dis-assembly of the center console and maybe moving some wire harnesses. Not to mention a good assortment of tools to remove and replace.