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2013 Buick Verano - Shifter knob

2013 Buick Verano - The push button on my gear shifter broke, how do i replace just the knob itself, i cant seem to get the old one off and the dealer says they can only replace the whole assembly but i found just the knob online for sale. Does anyone know how to remove the old knob itself?

Without seeing it, since it is GM, I’d guess it just snaps on and off. This video is for a Regal but the Verano should be similar.

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Yes, I watched that video and tried that, I got everything off except the knob will not budge, I cant find a set screw anywhere and it will not move up or down, right or left, and the black under clip does not move and has no room to move. I dont want to break anything by forcing it but it doesnt want to come off for anything.

You pretty much have no choice in that matter. You have to force it. Interior part replacement is a minefield. The risk of breaking stuff is high even IF you know how to do it because it is not designed to come apart.


It might worthwhile to see if an auto upholstery shop would remove it for a small fee . They should have done something like this several times.

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Maybe yes, maybe no.
If the OP can find a video showing shift knob removal for a Chevy Cruze, that would be more likely to be helpful, because the Buick Verano is the mechanical clone of the Chevy Cruze.

So like this:

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I will try this today and see if it will come off like that.

This did work on my 2013 buick verano…put it in park and wiggled while pulling up hard as i could and it pulled straight up…oem part from gm was over 125.00 for complete cover assembly but have seen on ebay the handle itself for less than 15.00 …wish i would have investigated removal beforehand as i could of saved a bunch…