93 Honda Accord

Lately I have been having trouble coming out of park. A friend suggested the “button” on the gear shift might be the culprit. Could this be the only reason?

The brake light switch (under the dashboard. It contacts the brake pedal) is part of the shift interlock circuit. If the switch is bad you can have trouble shifting out of park. If this is the reason you may also have brake lights that aren’t working.

You have an old car, and you aren’t using a repair manual? The older a car, or truck, the MORE maintenance it requires, not the commonly believed less amount.
Me, and my repair manual, keep my 1992 Accord going with 325,000 miles on it. I probably need the repair manual because I’m kinda slow. I wish I was a real good mechanic, like some mechanics, that don’t need no books!

Yes, we have a repair manual for low end DIY projects. I am a woman so I am looking for suggestions so that I don’t get ripped off.