She drove thru 5gallons of housepaint!

a lady i know drove thru 5 gallons of housepaint, and its allover the lower door and fenders, of course she let it dry on, ,now how can she get it off???

Take it to MACCO

This will remove the house paint.


…or, she might want to try MAACO.


It is probably a latex paint and will peel off very easily.

I have removed latex paint with over cleaner with no damage to the paint.

That works…Test it first…

thanks for the tips! oven cleaner, i know she dont have any of that!! lol!!!

This is like cement clean up, real easy if you do it before it sets,after that it is time to experiment at a test spot no one can see.

If She’s Not Sure What She’s Looking At Or What To Do, She Should Stop By A Couple Of Reputable Body/Collison Shops. They’ll Know The Easiest / Best Way To Remove It. Compare Advice Given For A Consensus Or On To Shop 3.