2016 BMW 330 - removing house paint


Can house paint (from a scrape) be removed from the body of a car? Yes, the house collided with the car.

Sherwin Williams makes a product “Oops” available at most hardware stores for removing dried latex paint. I have not used it so can not say how well it works.
If you get it, I recommend you try it on a small INCONSPICUOUS area to see if it affects your car’s paint. If it works alright your car will need a fresh coat of wax after the house paint is removed. The Oops will most likely strip the wax off the car.

Alternatively. call auto detailing shops in your area, explain the situation, and let them handle it. That would likely be the best option.


exterior body solvent

Paintless dent repair my suggestion! The work I have had done is exceptional and reasonable, why risk it? Even buffed out a scrape in a plastic headlight.

I’ve used very fine rubbing compound to get that sort of paint off.

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Lacquer thinner will dissolve the house paint in 2 seconds. Wash the area with soapy water afterward.

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