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Shaking steering wheel

My steering wheel has been shaking extremely bad while driving, not while coming to a stop, but driving. What could be the prob?

Tires out of balance. Damaged tire or tires. Improper wheel alignment. Bent wheel or wheels. Worn suspension components. Worn steering components.

There are lots of potential causes.

Why are you driving a car in which the steering wheel shakes “extremely bad?” This is dangerous. Get checked and get it fixed.

If this came about suddenly, the most likely cause would be a bad tire. Get it checked out ASAP. Bad vibrations in the front end are always dangerous. A tire is also the cheapest and simplest thing to fix for something like this.

Also check for loose lug nuts.

Have your tires inspected for defects or damage or uneven wear and if they look OK have them balanced.

The year and mileage on your Taurus would be helpful…