Mild shaking steering wheel

just had an alignment and all 4 tires replaced on a 4 door car. Noticed my wheel started shaking. Does this has something to do with the services provided.

please read above.

Most likely, the wheels were not balanced properly after the new tires were mounted, so you should take the car back, report the symptoms, and ask them to rebalance the wheels.

However, there is also a possibility that some lug nuts might not have been completely tightened. Check your lug nuts before you drive the car back to the tire shop.

In fact, check those lug nuts before you drive that car anywhere!

if driven, even though u said not to drive it. is there is a chance rims and tires would fly out and cause a car accident?

If you have loose lug nuts, YES, a wheel could “fly out” and cause an accident.
Surely you are capable of taking the lug wrench out of the trunk and checking the tightness of the lug nuts.

If you don’t know how to do what I am talking about, this is the time to have a friendly neighbor or acquaintance teach this very basic skill to you. Along with being able to check the oil and other fluids under the car’s hood, being able to change a tire is something that every car owner needs to know.

Another possibility is a defective tire. It’s not common, but it can happen.

After checking the lug nuts, the OP probably does need to get this car back to the tire store. Unless loose lug nuts can be verified as the cause of the shaking, the tire store is responsible for either re-doing the balancing or replacing a defective tire.

Martinez–Are you listening? Or, did a tire already “fly out”.