Steering Wheel shaking

I have a Hyundai Elantra 2006. When I reach to a certail speed the steering wheel is shaking.

Why this happen?

Most likely possibilities:
a) out of balance tire/wheel
b) bent rim
c) worn suspension components
d) warped brake discs

The car needs to be looked at.

Mountainbike has provided an excellent list of possibilities. I’d start by having the wheel balance and alignment checked.

A Defective Or Damaged Tire Can Cause This, Also.

Usually you can feel a very slight wobble or shimmy at “slow parking lot speed” and higher speeds, too if it’s caused by a bad tire or bent rim. Out of balance wheels/tires usually show up at a little higher than parking lot speeds and above. Warped brake rotors show up more while braking.

While it’s being checked, have the suspension components checked for wear or defects, as TSM advises. Whenever a car shakes, this is prudent. The higher the miles on the car the more likely worn parts are. You don’t tell us how many miles are on this car.

Should you start with a balance as suggested by McP, I’d have them check for uniformity and runout at the same time, just to be sure the tires and rims are’nt defective.

Does the steering shake while going slowly, fast, braking, or after hitting a bump?
You mention it starts when you reach a certain speed. What is that certain speed and again, how many miles on this car?


Good points guys. Unless the cause becomes ibvious with a simple look-see spinning the wheels in a road force balancing mnachine mnay be prudent. That’s the best way I know to detect internal defects.

However, a good look-see at the suspension and other shimmy-related components is a really good idea. I’m willing to bet that if you softly ran your hands over the tread or even shined a light tangentially at the tire tread you’d concur even more adamantly. I’ll bet there’s cupping.