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Service Tire System Soon, a repeat

Samo, samo. Posted this issue 3-4 years ago and readers said there was no inexpensive solution, but wondering if any new info is available. 2005 Grand Caravan with 170K, again getting this alert which blocks out temp and compass readings. Last time we waited until new tires needed and purchased new sensors. Tire shop wants $400 to replace kits in all the sensors. Not worth that to us.
Suggestions please.

Was the problem fixed after you had new 4 new sensors installed at the time you purchased 4 new tires? What about the spare? Was the sensor for the spare replaced too?

One of my vehicles puts a maintenance notice up and all I have to do is push a button and it goes away until the next time I start the car. Look in your manual and see if you can clear the service warning and have your other reading back. Even if you have to do it every time you start car.

In reply, yes the service tire system soon issue was corrected with the new tires several years ago along with new kits installed in the valve stems. The manual says to take the vehicle to the dealer for servicing the system. When I push the reset button, the system resets to compass and temp for about 30 seconds and then the service tire system soon message reappears.

Thanks for the info. I won’t consider a Chrysler product for future purchases.

The reset button is for resetting the trip odometer and fuel economy values, you can’t delete warning messages.

You could have the failed sensor replaced, you shouldn’t have to replace all of them. Some times they get damaged during a flat repair, did you have a tire patched recently?