2007 Chrysler Town & Country - Service warning

bought a 2007 t&C, the message “service system soon” came on. replaced all four sensors and it still does it after umpteen times checking and reprograming them

Which system are you supposed to service? Have which ever system require service, serviced.
Too late now, but I would never buy a vehicle with ANY service light on, if it was simple or cheap, the seller would have had it repaired.
If you take your temperature and the thermometer says you have a body temperature of 103 degrees instead of 98.6, do you just replace the thermometer?

i don’t understand your illustration

You changed the sensors, sensors tell you what the problem is.
Example, an o2 sensor might be telling you the catalytic converter is bad. Granted the sensor could have failed.
The point is: proper diagnosis is required.
In my body temperature example—replace the thermometer, the new thermometer reads 103, you have a fever that require diagnosis.

How soon after you bought it did the message appear?

Right away, when I was test driving it the message came on. Then took it to a local mechanic and he installed 4 new sensors and it still comes on. They reprogrammed it three times still doesn’t work!!!

In that case I agree with @Purebred You shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. But now that you have you need to find a better mechanic because the one you have now isn’t doing you any good.

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What are these 4 new sensors ?

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They are for the tires, show low tire pressure

Are there any codes stored in the OBD-II system? Any other codes? If the mechanic performed a diagnosis, there might be codes listed on his report.

Maybe it thinks it is time for an oil change? Is it service system or service tire system?


You need to read the tire pressure monitor fault codes. The new sensors may not be compatible or there could be a problem with one of the receivers.

The tire pressure monitor is a separate system from the Powertrain Control Module.

Don’t people read their own posts? How on earth was anyone going to guess the OP was talking about tire pressure sensors?


thanks for your worthless info!!!

Thanks for your extremely vague post with absolutely no pertinent info, that started this whole debacle.


Why won’t you tell use which system needs servicing?
Have you opened your owners manual?

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The tire pressure monitor would be the system with 4 sensors that are programmed to the module when replacing, what else could the OP be referring to?

He did tell us, eventually.

Ah, I missed that. Then the problem, if manually verifying tire pressure and it is correct, lies with his mechanic.

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Let’s review: You bought a vehicle with a known problem. Your mechanic couldn’t fix it, despite multiple attempts. You came on here with an incredibly vague post. You got advice you didn’t like. Now you’re upset with me for giving you a perfectly reasonable response. My advice stands: Find. Another. Mechanic. Failing that, either learn to live with the warning or get rid of the vehicle.