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Service Tire System Soon

Our 2005 Grand Caravan, 138K, had this message pop up and stay on the information system: “Service Tire System Soon.”
All tires are properly inflated.
The operators’ manual says to see dealer service department.
Anyone know the problem and why a dealer service department is needed?

Does This Vehicle Have TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) That Alerts You To A Tire That Is Low On Pressure ?

If so then my guess is that a problem with the TPMS has been detected.

If you’ve got TPMS does it tell you indivdual tire pressures or does it only indicate that a tire that is low on pressure ? There are two different type systems that operate in completely different ways.


One of the varities of the electronic TP monitoring systems have batteries attached to the sensors that will eventually run down. You may need to have the sensor and battery replaced on that tire. Or you could put a piece of duct tape over that dashboard indicator, and just check your tires at the gas station from time to time, like the rest of us do.

Dan, Here’s What I’d Do:

Try increasing the tire pressure a few pounds in each tire or set the pressure when it’s quite cold outside. That should put the warning out if the system is functioning correctly.

What is the climate in your location ? Is it cold as in freezing or below ?

You’re not the only one with this issue and Chrysler published a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) for their technicians to help with customer concerns. It includes 2005-2007 Caravan vehicles. I can’t supply a link to the 3 page bulletin, # 22-004-06, but maybe you can search and find a download.

Anyhow, the bulletin explains that if you set the tire pressure according to the sticker on the door pillar to the prescribed pressure and the outside temperature drops that will decrease pressure and set the alert.

" • The Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) System will warn the driver of a low tire
pressure based on the vehicle recommended cold placard pressure (the placard is
located on the drivers side B-pillar).
• The tire pressure will vary with temperature by about 6.9 kPa (1 psi) for every
6.5°C (12°F). This means that when the outside temperature decreases, the tire
pressure will decrease - the customer should adjust his tire pressure for this
decrease in pressure - please refer the customer to his vehicle owner’s manual for
information on how to properly inflate his vehicle’s tires. The tire pressure will also
increase as the vehicle is driven - this is normal and there should be no adjustment
for this increased pressure.
• The TPM System will warn the driver of a low tire pressure if the tire pressure falls
below the low pressure warning threshold for any reason, including low temperature
• The TPM System will continue to warn the driver of low tire pressure as long as the
condition exists, and will not turn off until the tire pressure is at or above
recommended cold placard pressure. Once the low tire pressure warning has been
illuminated, the tire pressure must be increased to the recommended cold placard
pressure in order for the TPM warning lamp to be turned off. The system will
automatically update and the TPM warning lamp will extinguish once the updated
tire pressures have been received. The vehicle may need to be driven for up to 10
minutes above 25 kph (15 mph) to receive this information.

" NOTE: Tire pressure should always be set based on cold inflation tire pressure (defined as the tire pressure after a vehicle has not been driven for more than 3 hours - and in outside ambient temperature).
• Seasonal temperature changes will affect tire pressure, and the TPM system will
monitor the actual tire pressure in the tire. "

Dan, if this doesn’t do it then as George has pointed out you could have a problem with the system itself, likely a bad sensor in a tire.


Check the spare tire. I think Chrysler also puts a sensor in the spare tire, too. Any tire shop can diagnose the bad sensor with a hand-held scan tool in no time.

Lastly, a dealer service department is definitely NOT needed. But, just as McDonalds flyer will always send you to a McDonalds for lunch and never a Burger King, your owner’s manual will always send to to the dealer.