Disable "Service Tire Pressure System Soon" alert

Took our 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan to a tire shop today. One sensor battery is completely dead, and when replaced, the other 3 batteries were too weak remove the alert from the information panel. Cost to repair all 4 is $400. Decided to live with the alert and they graciously put the bad sensor back in. Is there any way to disable the system? I check tire pressures regularly anyway. The continuous alert is agrivating.
Thanks, Dan

Have you checked your owners’ manual to see if the system has its own fuse?

Oops, you said information panel. I don't think pulling a fuse will help. This function will need to be disabled in the flash programming of the driver information display.

Nope! Unless you replace the TPMS sensors you’ll live with that alert.


You can buy the sensors online and have a tire store install them. Rock Auto has them for $28 each.
It should only take 30 to 45 minutes to install them, that system will automatically register the sensors so no scan tool is needed.

If it’s just a dash board light that’s annoying you, put some black tape over it.