2015 Chevrolet Colorado StabiliTrak

My 2015 Colorado with 11100 miles just starting to display “Service StabiliTrak”. What the hecck does that require?

Take it to the dealer.


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The most common failure is the steering wheel position sensor. Although only 11k miles seems low for that failure. Should be a diagnostic code set and that may help narrow it down.

This sounds like a “required service” alert rather than a fault warning.
Have you checked in your owners’ manual to see if it tells you the meaning?

Unfortunately there is no periodic maintenance or “required service” for stabilitrak. When the message pops up on the DIC, something has failed.

OP, I recently replaced the steering wheel angle sensor on my GM truck. Not particularly hard but awkward. Lots of youtube vids out there due to common failure mode. But check stored codes first.

Is it still under warranty?