2008 Chevrolet Suburban warning lights despite brake work

On my 2008 Chevy Suburban LTZ vehicle, my Service Traction Control, Service Stabilitrak, and ABS warning/information lights keeps coming during braking. I have replaced Front Rotors and Pads, to include brake and ABS sensors, and brake paddle sensor. These are the parts replaced based upon the Opel/GM Dealership doing the repairs. The problem is still there.

How do I fix this issue?



Please post the exact fault codes you have/had, and I’ll try to give you some advice

The ABS sensors are built into the front wheel bearings. The sensor itself can be replaced but a worn wheel bearing can fault out the ABS/Stabilitrak and TCS. If this Subby has many miles, the front wheel bearing and ABS assemblies may need to be replaced. If there is any play in the bearing it can cause a speed sensor error. Since the dealership serviced the truck and had access to the codes, I’d guess they replaced a wheel sensor because it threw a wheel sensor code. Checking the bearing is the next step.

These trucks also have an oddity I’ve never seen anywhere else. If the ABS cycles at the end of a stop at about 5-8 mph (roughly 9-12 kph) then it is possible one of the front torsion bars have sagged a little and unbalanced the load on the tires. IF that is the symptom you have, measure the right to left height on the front and see if one side is lower - like 20 mm or more. If it is replace the springs. Seem very odd, but my truck did that and I fixed it that way.