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Service air suspension light

I just replaced the air suspension on my 1994 towncar with coils and I cannot figure out how to turn the service air suspension light on the dash off. Any ideas? Jack.

If you can’t reach into the dashboard to disconnect the wire leading to that light–How about some black electrical tape to cover up the light?

The kit should have come with instructions on how to do this. The last conversion I did came with instructions on how to get rid of the light. It’s been a long time, so I couldn’t tell you how it was done. Easiest way at this point may be to pull the instrument cluster and remove the bulb.

Have you tried just turning off the switch in the trunk?? This will shut off the compressor and disable the air-ride system…

For 1995-1997: Open & Unhook the Glove Box from the right, squeeze the sides to release and let it hang out of your way. Behind the Glove Box, mounted to the Heater The cut and paste below may help.

Unit is a connection with two plugs, one GRAY, one BLACK, or both GRAY, each about 2". On the BLACK or TOP connector, midway, is a GREEN wire (this is pin #11). Cut this wire to disable “Check Air Suspension” light. Cut as far from the plug as you can should it ever need to be reconnected/spliced. Reattach Glove Box.

For 1990-1994: This same plug/wire is behind the ARS/RAS Switch located in the TRUNK.

For 1998-Present: The ‘Check Air Suspension’ light cannot be Disabled.