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Air Suspension

I jacked my 1999 Lincoln Town Car without first shutting off the air suspension switch. How do I restore the air suspension system to normal operation?

You need to take it to the dealer so a New Generation Ford Star scanner can be connected to command the computer to vent the air bags.


Thank you for your prompt response

What is the suspension doing now?

Being a retiree living in that great Metropolis of Lakeport Florida (Population 100), I’m going to wait til Monday to bring it to the Ford dealer in that Greater Metropolis of Okeechobee. Hoping to avoid the weedend rush at the dealer. And wondering if there shouldn’t be a great big glow-wicky sticker saying “Do not jack unless AS switch is off”. If it’s got tits or wheels, it’s gonna cause you grief.

The owners manual has a disclaimer about being sure to turn off the air ride switch before lifting the wheels off the ground and there should be one around the air ride switch itself.

That being said, I inadvertently did this with my Lincoln a couple of years ago (get in a hurry and stuff happens) and it fixed itself with a few minutes of operation.

Mine isn’t fixing itself. Still squatting. Wish me luck at my Friendly Ford Dealer tomorrow

You had a sticker right next to the switch and the sticker for the inertial fuel shut-off sticker. My fuel sticker came off, but I still have it. The main reason for shutting the suspension off is that it is active with the ignition off. If it tries to raise or lower with you have it lifted, it could cause a serious problem.

Try this: Find the battery junction box? near the battery. Its innards are described in your owner manual. IIRC, the air suspension fuse is a 30 amp last in a row with all smaller fuses rather than most of the big boys. Snap off the cap and pull the fuse for a hour to see if that resets the air suspension module, and clears trouble codes long enough for it to pump up. Plug the fuse back in and start the car up. Good luck.

You can pump It up manually by finding the right pins in the suspension module connector and grounding them. I can find some details for you if you want to try.
The module is easy to get to by dropping the glove compartment. (Unhooking the string the damps and limits its travel and lowering it.) ?the module is a rectangular box and can be slid out of a holder. There are two connectors. Grounding the contacts for the spring solenoids and the pump at the same time will pump it up. You need to limit pumping to 30 seconds or so at a time to prevent the pump from overheating.

Being in FL, you should be replacing your dryer every five years or so. Moisture will kill the system. They can be had from several aftermarket suppliers and they post instructions. The dryer and pump are under the air cleaner box and windshield washer reservoir. It is easy to do if you are marginally handy with tools. and www.lincolnsonline are good sources of infor for you to care for your TC

I drove mine around the block a couple of times and it cured itself. Movement and brake operation has something to do with it.