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How to Disable ABS system

ABS light comes on again. How do I clean the sensor and where would it be located? I guess near the break system by the wheels. Worse case, I can just simply remove the ABS fuse but this will lid up ABS light and my wife she does not like it. Is there a way to disable ABS and kill the light too? without taking the dashboard off please, thanks.

If this is the same vehicle that is in your other threads I suggest it is time to cut your loses and replace it. The whole vehicle sounds like a break system. The sensors should be near the BRAKE system.

There is no legal way to disable ABS. There is no way to remove a safety system without increasing the risk that the safety system will be needed an unavailable. I’m personally not willing to help people disable safety systems without a very good reason (i.e., how do I disable this airbag so it doesn’t go off in my face when I work on it). Respectfully, “I don’t want to take it to a mechanic to get the thing fixed” is not a very good reason to disable a safety system.

Have you checked your brake fluid level?

Please help me disable part of my ‘breaks’…

Come on now guys, a disabled ABS systems defaults to just the base brakes we all grew up using. The ABS is off right now because the light is on (mine on my Mustang, is too - bad sensor).

Turning off the dash warning light is likely harder than just replacing the failed sensor. The only reason for pulling the fuse or relay is if the ABS is acting up.

Either fix the ABS or live with the light. Don’t fool your wife into thinking everything is all right just because the light is off.

I trust you to monkey with your brakes, @Mustangman - unknown posters, not so much.

But as far as CityBoy is concerned . . there is no, ‘‘THE’’ , sensor to clean.
( Unless this unknown vehicle is an old pickup with only rear ABS. )
There’s more than that plus the harness plugs throughout that would need to be on the cleaning list too.
So, yes, the fuse will disable it but the light will stay on .
( my wife’s air bag light is on by doctor’s orders and now we don’t even notice anymore. )

Have you considered replacing the sensor (fixing the system)? Or having it done? It should be highly affordable.

If you had the consideration to post the year, make and model, and the fault code, I could be much more specific. Please don’t waste my time by making me go search for it.

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Me, I’d just ask a shop to figure out which wheel speed sensor was bad – that’s by far the most likely problem – and replace it. Done. But if OP prefers to disable the ABS, and doesn’t want the warning light, how about what Ray and Tom suggest sometimes, a piece of black tape over that section of the dashboard?

We all grew up driving non-ABS cars. For all we know, OP is 18 and has absolutely no learned braking procedures other than “Mash it hard and let it buzz.”

Point taken @shadowfax, you too, @texases

Took 25 years to change that “pump the brakes” mentality to “Mash it hard and let it buzz.” We shouldn’t go back.

Whether we should go back or not is an entirely different debate… one that we’ve had before. :smiley:

I think the calculus changes with each passing year, though. When ABS/TCS/all the other driving aid acronymns first came out, they were clunky pieces of junk that were more marketing than actual driver aid, and many if not most drivers could do a better job than the computer could.

That’s not quite so much the case anymore, as the computers and software running the aids have gotten more sophisticated, and at the same time drivers have gotten worse, not only in the skills department, but also in the distraction department.

10 years ago if you’d come to me and told me you were gonna sell a car with a radar assembly that automatically activated the brakes if you were about to rear-end someone, I’d have laughed and said some snide things about your “brilliant” invention.

Now? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve almost been hit by some idiot who’s texting while driving. If it takes computer intervention to keep that moron from banging into me, bring it on!

@cityboy, what kind of car is it? GM sensors do not dismount for inspection/cleaning. Other brands can be removed to get the crud off if it is there. Older vehicles might also have corrosion on the contacts inside the connectors. My wife’s 2003 Olds Silhouette ABS light was on, and I cleaned the front contacts in the connectors in the wheel well. That took care of it.