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Serpentine Belt Replacement

What would be a reasonable price to pay to have this done in a shop?

Somewhere between $10.00 and $500000.00 - Seriously we don’t know what vehicle you have, where you are located, what type of shop you will use. Pick up your phone and call for estimates.

Depends on the unknown vehicle, wild guess 80 to 120.

On our Toyota this was done in 2015 at a cost of $42.50. Please tell us your make and year of vehicle, engine type and whether it has Air Conditioning.

I had my Pontiac done a couple times. I provided the belt once and think the labor was around $37. The second time the labor was embedded with other work so don’t know. When I’ve done my own it can either be a real bear or easy depending on the size of your hands and access.

1929 Huppmobiles don’t have serpentine belts.